Poster Presentations

Amin BahmanianAuburn UniversityConnected Baranyai's Theorem
Afshin BehmaramUniversity of Illinois, ChicagoMatching and Small Paths in Fullerene Graphs
Karthekeyan ChandrasekaranGeorgia TechThe Cutting Plane Method is Polynomial for Perfect Matchings
Martin DerkaMasaryk UniversityRecent Advances in Finite Planar Emulators
James Fairbanks Georgia Institute of TechnologyA Ramsey Theorem for Indecomposable Matchings
Dennis Hall Louisiana State UniversityUnavoidable Minors for Connected 2-Polymatroids
Cesar Hernandez VelezUniversidad Autonoma de San Luis Potosi, MexicoNested Cycles in Large Triangulations and Crossing-Critical Graphs
Hao-Hsiang HungGeorgia TechFinding Light Spanners in Bounded Pathwidth Graphs
Nana Li Georgia State UniversityReed-Frost Transition on Dense Graphs
Sarah Miracle Georgia TechSampling 3-Orientations of Triangulations
Songling Shan Georgia State UniversityHomeomorphically Irreducible Spanning Trees
Vaidyanathan Sivaraman Ohio State UniversityFrustration in Signed Graphs
Jesse Taylor Louisiana State UniversityOn a Class of Nearly Binary Matroids
Ying XiaoGeorgia Tech Statistical Algorithms and a Lower Bound for Planted Clique