Schedule of Talks

PDF of Abstracts

The conference program consisted of about 50 invited speakers and are listed below. A poster session was scheduled and open to everyone. Title and abstracts from invited speakers as well as poster presentations are posted. When available, presentation links are included below as well as a picture of each speaker.

Monday, May 7, 2012

8:50 -- 9:00 Doug Ulmer, Chair, SoMOpening Remarks
9:00 -- 9:50 Paul Seymour Induced Subgraphs and Subtournaments
10:00--10:25Guoli DingRefinements of Archdeacon Theorem
10:30--10:55Martin Loebl Extending Polynomials in Combinatorics
10:55--11:10Coffee Break
11:10--12:00Maria ChudnovskyForcing Large Transitive Subtournamets
1:30 -- 2:20Bojan MoharLarge Clique Minors in Vertex Transitive Graphs
2:30 -- 2:55Zdenek DvorakColoring Graphs on Surfaces
3:00 -- 3:25Gelasio Salazar Embeddability of Infinite Graphs
3:30 -- 3:55Coffee Break
4:00 -- 4:50Stephan Thomasse On Some Chi-Bounded Classes of Graphs
5:00 -- 5:25Jiri Matousek Discrepancy, Bansal's Algorithm and the Determinant Bound
5:30 -- 5:55Mihyun Kang On the Connectivity of Random Graphs from Addable Classes
Tuesday, May 8, 2012
9:00 -- 9:50Bruce Reed Separators, Brambles, Tree Decompositions and Excluding Clique Minors
10:00--10:25Stephan Kreutzer Linkless Embeddings in the 3-space
10:30--10:55Daniel MarxStructure Theorem and Isomorphism Test for Graphs with Excluded Topological Subgraphs
10:55--11:10Coffee Break
11:10--12:00Ken-ichi KawarabayashiColoring 3-Colorable Graphs; Graph Theory Finally Strikes Back!
1:30 -- 2:20Jim GeelenGrowth-Rates of Matroid Classes
2:30 -- 2:55Geoff Whittle Tangles, Trees and Flowers
3:00 -- 3:25James Oxley Unavoidable Minors of Large 2- and 3-Connected Matroids
3:30 -- 3:55Coffee Break/Poster Session
4:00 -- 4:50Neil RobertsonTopologically Well-quasi-ordered Classes of Graphs
5:00 -- 5:25Bertrand GueninMulti-flow and Algorithm
5:30 -- 5:55Jan KratochvilMinors of Partially Embedded Graphs
Wednesday, May 9, 2012
9:00 -- 9:50Jaroslav Nesetril Subgraph Statistics for Geometric Graphs
10:00--10:25Vojtech Rodl On Subgraphs of Large Girth
10:30--10:55Alexandr Kostochka A Refinement of the Triangle Version of the Corradi-Hajnal Theorem
10:55--11:10Coffee Break
11:10--12:00Dhruv MubayiIntersection Theorems for Finite Sets
1:30 -- 2:20Dan Kral Deciding Properties in Sparse Combinatorial Structures
2:30 -- 2:55Jessica McDonald Clique Immersion in Digraphs
3:00 -- 3:25Gwenael Joret Excluded Forest Minors and the Erdos-Posa Property
3:30 -- 3:55Coffee Break/Poster Session
4:00 -- 4:25Penny HaxellOn Matchings and Covers
4:30 -- 4:55Jie MaExtremal Problems in Eulerian Digraphs
5:00 -- 5:25Vida DujmovicNonrepetitive Colourings
5:30 -- 5:55 Sang-il Oum Graphs of Small Rank-Width are Pivot-Minors of Graphs of Small Tree-Width
Thursday, May 10, 2012
9:00 -- 9:50Paul Seymour Tutte's Three-Edge-Colouring Conjecture
10:00--10:25Bruce RichterEmbedding Continuua into a Surface
10:30--10:55Tom Trotter Planarity and Dimension for Graphs and Posets
10:55--11:05Coffee Break
11:05--11:30Petr HlinenyTesting Graph MSO Properties: Has it all been told already?
11:30--12:00Chun-Hung Liu An Upper Bound on the Fractional Chromatic Number of Triangle-Free Subcubic Graphs
1:30 -- 2:20Paul WollanExcluding a Clique Immersion
2:30 -- 2:55Luke Postle 5-List-Coloring Graphs on Surfaces
3:00 -- 3:25Peter Whalen Braces and Pfaffian Orientations
3:30 -- 3:55Coffee Break/Poster Session
4:00 -- 4:25Zi-Xia SongClique Minors and Odd Clique Minors in Graphs
4:30 -- 4:55Carl YergerProgress on Steinberg's Conjecture: History and Recent Results
5:00 -- 5:25Arash Asadi3-Connected Minor Minimal Non-Projective Planar Graphs with an Internal 3-Separation
7:00 -- 9:00Banquet at the Georgia Tech Hotel and Conference Center
Friday, May 11, 2012 -- Due to the cancellation of Alexander Schrijver's talk, a group photo is planned during the long break that includes lunch.
9:00 -- 9:50Michel GoemansThin Spanning Trees
10:00--10:25Hiroshi HiraiOn Tractability of Minimum 0-Extension Problems
10:30--10:55Satoru IwataPfaffian Orientation, Symmetric Matrices, and Linear Programming
10:55--11:10Coffee Break
11:10--12:00Alexander Schrijver CANCELLED due to family emergencyOn Limits of Edge-Coloring Models
1:30 -- 2:20Jacob FoxExtremal Results in Sparse Pseudorandom Graphs
2:30 -- 2:55Bruce ShepherdFrom Online Colouring to Online Vector Bin Packing
3:00 -- 3:25Hein Van der Holst A Colin de Verdiere-Type Invariant and Odd-K_4- and Odd-K^2_3-Free Signed Graphs
3:30 -- 3:55Coffee Break
4:00 -- 4:50Laszlo LovaszExtremal Graphs and Graph Limits
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